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Long ago, Benjamin Franklin said : “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.“. As a young woman, I decided to study this subject thoroughly. I started by studying taxes. And so it has stayed that way for the time being… As it turned out later in Poland, this is an area that needs to be studied throughout life, until death. Constant tax changes, various interpretations of tax laws make us feel uncertain all the time when dealing with the authorities. Therefore, it has become my mission to support taxpayers and defend their interests before the tax authorities.

I am registered on the list of tax advisors under number: 14259.
My offer also includes accounting services and personnel and payroll services. You can find the details by selecting a specific sub-page from the menu. Feel free to contact me!

Tax advice for individuals

Due to the ever-increasing complexity of the regulations concerning tax settlements for individuals, as a tax adviser I provide comprehensive support in the preparation of annual tax settlements, also in the case of income from foreign sources and in matters related to establishing tax residency in Poland.

Individual clients can also count on services:
  • full tax advice,
  • preparation of annual tax returns,
  • ongoing tax settlements in the case of income from employment contracts, commissions obtained from entities based abroad,
  • advice on choosing the most effective form of employment.

Income from rental and sale of real estate

Many clients are interested in property investments because of the potential returns. However, the way in which this income is taxed can have a significant impact on the attractiveness of such an investment. As an experienced tax adviser, I am able to help you choose the optimal taxation method, taking into account your individual business objectives. 
In the field of real estate, I offer:
  • Tax advice on the choice of the form of taxation of real estate income and preparation of the necessary filings in this respect.
  • Keeping current accounts of rental income in accordance with income tax and VAT requirements.
  • Preparation of annual accounts of rental or lease income.
  • Providing tax advice on the principles of taxation of income from the disposal of real estate, both for income tax and VAT.
  • Preparation of annual income tax returns on income derived from the disposal of real estate and advice on available tax reliefs in this area.

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Inheritances and donations


Individuals who receive things, money or property rights free of charge are generally subject to inheritance and gift tax. However, there are provisions that provide for various exemptions and reliefs in this regard. 
As a tax adviser, I provide comprehensive support to heirs and beneficiaries in these matters, offering, among other things:
  • Tax advice on inheritance and gift tax rules.
  • Preparation of inheritance and gift tax returns.
  • Preparation of the documentation needed to benefit from inheritance and gift tax concessions.
  • Representing clients in tax proceedings related to inheritance and donation tax.

    Business succession

    As a tax adviser, I also support the heirs of business persons and entrepreneurs themselves in the process of establishing a successor administrator. In addition, I offer advice and assistance in the following areas:
    • Assessing the need for the establishment of a successor administrator and determining the legitimacy of such a solution.
    • Transformation of business activity into a limited liability company (sp. z o.o.) as an alternative solution to the establishment of a successor administrator.
    • Analysis of the legal and tax implications of the establishment of a successor administrator.
    • Assistance in terminating the duties of the successor administrator.
    In addition, I also advise on succession planning in companies with a capital structure. I can assist in the preparation and implementation of changes to the structure of companies aimed at ensuring succession, including dedicated solutions for Family Foundations.