Tax consultancy

Would you like to talk in understandable language about taxation? You are welcome to do so.
Tax consultancy services include ongoing tax advice given orally or in writing. Consultations take place in person, online or by telephone depending on your needs. The scope is: tax law in its broadest sense.
If you do not receive comprehensive information during our conversation we will stay in touch. You will receive a note from me of each consultation, so that you can return to the topic under discussion at any time.
If you want peace of mind, I will draw up an application for an individual interpretation of the tax law for you.
As soon as you comply with it, you will not be threatened with interest and penalties imposed by the tax authority in the event that ”the lady from the office” interprets the regulations differently.
I will help you when the tax authority brings an action against you. I will give you a helping hand at every stage of tax proceedings.
I will represent you before tax offices and courts. I will prepare for you an appeal against a decision, a complaint to court.
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