About me

My history is closely connected with Toruń. I was born in this beautiful city, finished primary school and secondary school. In 2005, I defended my master’s degree at the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management in Toruń, and broadened my knowledge during post-graduate studies in accounting. In 2008, I received an accounting certificate No. 21788/2008 from the Minister of Finance.

This is when my real adventure with the tax system in Poland began, the so-called “ride without sticking”. I started a business providing accounting services. I chose an interesting, yet highly demanding path, which determines me to constantly expand my knowledge, introduce differentiated solutions for clients, be meticulous and fully commit myself. A path that aims to help clients find their way through the complexities of the tax system and protect them from the serious consequences associated with ignorance of the rules. For the last 15 years, I have been keeping the books for well over a hundred clients from various industries. I have undergone numerous training courses, scrolled through thousands of pages of tax laws, started wearing glasses….

In my life I focus on continuous development, hence the decision to apply for the title of Tax Advisor. The pandemic time prolonged the process a bit, but the end result is that I passed the exams, completed my apprenticeship with a tax advisor and officially on 19.09.2022 I was entered in the list of tax advisors under number: 14259.

This enables me to provide tax advisory services.
Knowledge, experience and commitment are the keys that guide me in my cooperation with clients.
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